making guerrilla tree pit boxes in nyc - how to get power from lamp posts?

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i'm building some tree pit boxes in my neighborhood in nyc. unfortunately i need to make some lengthwise cuts on lumber - no cordless saw can do this. lamp posts are a well distributed source of power. opening the base is easy. i swear i've seen utility guy tap in there but the box i just opened had nothing but a couple of wires. i was hoping for a standard 120 outlet but there was nothing of the sort.

anyone have advice for (temporarily!!) tapping into lamp post power so i can use my circ saw?



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my advice would be don't even think about it. Use a hand saw if you can beg borrow or steal one.

Hey rasputin ,
You can make the cut with a hand saw. There're basically two kinds of saws - crosscut and rip. You need a rip saw to cut with the grain use a crosscut saw to cut across the grain. If you ask at a hardware store for a hand rip saw they should be able to get one for you. Good luck with your project!