Southwest Wastington - Vancouver Clark County

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Southwest Wastington - Vancouver Clark County
« on: January 25, 2010, 02:33:14 PM »
I have been doing some guerrilla gardening for a while now on my own (number of years) without knowing it had a name.
I live in a semi-rural area but development has been building all around me and leaving great swaths of scarred up land.  For a number of years I have scattered wild flower seeds from the Territorial Seed Company in Southern Oregon.  Lately I have been getting notices that the first department is going to burn down old farm houses to build new tract homes.  When they do that they bulldoze rhododendrons, always irises, many lovely ground covers, and roses.  Giant rhodies and small trees, I have even been able to appeal to the bulldozer guys to help me 'liberate'  ...

I have found that people with lace-leaf maples sometimes have babies growing under them and they will let me move them.  English Laural easily propagates and makes lovely hedgerows (quickly).

Right now I have sneaking in to a wetland, daily, to plant thistle and wildflowers for the birds there, and even some corn for the migrating geese (though - the geese were eating most of that - so now I have using soil balls for the grains.

The rhodies and wildflowers _ drug in there will look lovely in a few months -- I am hoping the planning commission will see more than a big mud puddle -- and require more than an ugly "bio -swale"  when developers get in there.  I live in an area that increasingly  becoming an island of wildlife - I have everything from bunnies to geese to deer to coyotes -

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It has been 9 years since louisef posted, but I am wondering if there is anybody on this site interested in starting some guerilla gardening in SW washington, Vancouver/clark county area?