Calling Totnes guerrilla gardeners

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Calling Totnes guerrilla gardeners
« on: February 22, 2009, 07:49:52 PM »
I've just returned to London from Totnes where I was visiting my grandmother. As detailed on the blog
( I went guerrilla gardening with my grandmother. But there's so much more potential there and across the town, more than my granny can do! I've learnt from one resident that South Hams gardeners are on a shoe string, plant a few polyanthus in the autumn and then don't return until spring when they scatter a few more bedding plants which perish by summer. There's a great big patch by the bus stops / public toilets near Morrisons that's ripe for transformation into something a bit more fragrant than the immediate surroundings! Sorry to lecture, but I was itching to do more there, perhaps I can help out when I'm next visiting (May 10).