The end of the guerrilla gardening in front of Nagoya Station

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A man in Nagoya, Japan, planted vegetables in front of a train station without the city's permission. At first, the government tried to remove them, but the mayor of Nagoya, Takashi Kawamura, admitted that the man did so. The mayor hoped that the man's actions would provide a new opportunity to think about the natural environment of Nagoya City. The mayor also said that the man would contribute to the SDGs. However, citizens' opinions were divided between those in favor and those opposed. If anything, I think many of them were against the idea. The reason for this was that the place where the man planted vegetables was city-owned land. Finally, the man moved the vegetables to another location. The mayor was very disappointed. In Japan, it seems that there is a strong belief that cultivation of plants requires permission from the government. What do you think about this Japanese mindset?

Hinata, High school Student in Japan