What is an essay?

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What is an essay?
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What is an essay as a genre? The word itself, being of Latin origin, came into the Russian language from French. Literally, "essay" translates as an attempt, an experience, an outline.

An essay is a short prose story, in which the author expresses his impressions, thoughts or reflections. To write short homeworkmarket reviews properly, you need to learn about its genre characteristics.

Features of the genre:
Free composition, casualness of narration.
The theme is one and it is defined concretely, but the problem within it is revealed in detail.
One can feel the author's position, subjective assessment.
Thoughts and feelings come to the fore.
The style of the text is conversational. The essence of terms is not disclosed, there are no long formulations.
Relatively small volume, (there are no specific standards for the number of pages).

Those who want to know how to write a story correctly, it is necessary to take into account that many people confuse an essay with an essay. But these are different genres. An essay does not involve the expression of the author's position and requires neutrality. An essay, on the contrary, based on the author's impressions, should surprise readers with paradoxes, frankness, vivid imagery.

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Re: What is an essay?
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Re: What is an essay?
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