New student documentary featuring guerrilla gardening in Birmingham and London

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Compared with most professional broadcasts about guerrilla gardening, this student documentary by a team from University of Westminster is actually a lot more inquisitive.

Nice Richard!!
I love that they didn't over play the illegality of guerrilla gardening. It always seems to be the focus of the media and comments about how the government should be doing their jobs get cut out of the story. When and if to try to work with local officials is always a hard question. We've had city officials come out and work with and support us. Going so far as to have city workers pick up dozens of bags of trash we picked up. Actually, I've been lucky and never had bad experience while GGing. Once Cal Trans stopped at a dig and wanted to know who was in charge. It was fantastic, everyone at the same time said "NO ONE". Then they asked if we had permits and it looked bad at first, but after a few minutes of BSing they agreed to pick up about 25 bags of trash. Great job!!!