Looking for Guerrillas in Leeds who wouldnt mind being on TV!

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I'm currently a student at the University of Leeds, and I live in Woodhouse/Hyde Park area.
I have the opportunity to do some work experience in July/august at Poison Pen Productions, a TV production company situated in North Road, Headingley (just down the road from Hyde park).

These guys make 3minute wonder and are really interested in environment short films. I found Guerrilla Gardening after joining the Green action society and getting sent an email to read an article on Guerrilla Gardening that was in the Guardian Newspaper.

Is there any Leeds local Guerrilla Gardeners who would be interested in making a three minute wonder? Staging (well actually doing) seed bombs and interviews promoting guerrilla gardening and bringing encouragement to it?

We could just have a really fun day and night, just filming and doing short interviews, getting really visual before and after shots of desolate areas and then full green and clean outcomes. Show the public how to make seed bombs and take action to make their area brighter with nature.

If theres anyone interested email me on;




love and Peas!