Being Firewise

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Being Firewise
« on: August 12, 2020, 01:15:39 AM »
In dry seasons, oxygen and heat are supplied by trees and bushes. This leaves only one factor in connecting the cycle which is the fuel. While there are many natural causes that could act as fuel (lightning being an example), the majority of wildfires are caused by human error. In essence, this is good news for forest sustainability because it offers an answer to a question that has already been asked. How do we prevent forest fires? The answer is simple, and it starts with us.
Most forest fires are started by accidents that could be prevented with education and proper orientation towards fire safety. Resulting from the past fires that Arizona has fought, the lessons learned have taught us that these outbreaks can be mitigated or completely avoided by simply educating the public on safe fire practices. Live cigarettes, sparks from an open campfire, negligent use of pyrotechnics, and many more factors are often the cause of devastating fires, luckily we have the tools and capability to prevent these occurrences.

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