The Atlas project

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The Atlas project
« on: March 24, 2020, 01:08:36 PM »
Hello, as my little introduction, I decided to post about a recent project of mine.
As the recent epidemic has frozen all sales of my microgreens business, I've decided to start a different part of it, the Atlas nursery.

Atlas is supposed to be a nursery containing many usefull plants for permaculture and food forest projects, but also a great source for my guerrilla gardening activities.  ;D

I had accumulated a lot of seeds for this project over the years, but never started it before today. I'm not sure what percentage of them will germinate, but I started a few thousand seeds of :

Cornelian cherry, highbush cranberry, Apple rose, Siberian crabapple, black locust, black alder, sea buckthorn, wild alpine strawberry, lavender, riverbank and cultivated grape, comfrey, scarlet bee balm, catalpa, lupine, echinacea, lys martagon, wonderberry, calendula, lovage, garlic. 

I also have plan to get some nice mother plants to get cuttings from.

Let the germination begin !
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