An Englishman in New York (for a week)

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An Englishman in New York (for a week)
« on: September 15, 2006, 07:04:28 PM »
I've just spent a week in New York getting inspiration from the Green Guerrillas and other community gardens in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Big thanks to GGs Donald Loggins and Adam Honigman who were a bundle of enthusiasm and huge inspiration and showed me around their old gardens and their new targets.

They have achieved a lot over the 33 years since they began.  The GG job is almost done in Manhattan now since Mayor Bloomberg has designated many of the guerrilla sites with the same recognition and protection as Central Park, and badged them with the same Maple leaf logo... but the front line for guerrillas has moved, and it's now in Brooklyn.  We met James Doran in Quincy Street and Johanna and her Herbal garden.  Both have big jobs on their hands, not only maintaining and restoring their community gardens but also beautifying the many vacant lots that are honey pots for crime.  In New York the guerrilla gardens (now community gardens) have become crack deterring prostitute avoiding beacons in the urban landscape.  A place for inspiration as well as renewed battle.