transport trouble

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transport trouble
« on: August 20, 2008, 10:50:44 PM »
So I get all excited about my first deliberately chosen target area for a guerilla garden, I get myself a basis for a plant-bed (in this case, car tyres), I acquire gold paint to spray the planter (tyre) with, I'm just waiting for my next small injection of cash to buy more potting mix and compost, I have a sad neglected area of public land under surveillance, I'm separating out from my own veggie garden at home some asparagus (purple king and fat bastard), some black-leafed kale (wonderfully ornamental, looks like purple frills) and maybe some of my supernumary broccoli plants ...

And the car that is going to take everything down the road blows up.

In the last three months I've

replaced a radiator,
replaced a regulator,
replaced the tube that runs off the gasket,
replaced an alternator,
replaced a distributor and leads
replaced a timing belt
replaced spark plugs and had the car re-timed and tuned
... and that's only the stuff I can remember. I'm sure there's more.

All of which involved three tows at around $80 per tow to get a crippled vehicle to where care and repair was possible. Upwards of a thousand dollars' worth of repairs when I'm out of work. gack! If I go guerilla-gardening, just getting the supplies to the site is going to involve three or four overloaded walks, with no guarantees that the stuff I bring in earlier walks won't be nicked by the time I have everything there and am ready to work.

I'm also supposed to be starting a new job on Monday - without a car, this will mean I'll need to leave the house at 6.45 - not get up, actually leave the house. Which means irrigating my veggie patch and any plants being groomed in my backyard for a future as a Guerilla Garden before that.

<chucks tantrum> I want my car back! Reliable an' all! Wah!

Re: transport trouble
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Oh, No! So sorry to hear about your car! That's a real drag. Hang in there!
GenkiTango 375

Re: transport trouble
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<grin> It certainly puts the kybosh on any chance of tackling any major guerilla gardening, although collecting and redistributing native seed is still a go (although winter is not the season for it).