Guerrilla Garden - Coconut Grove

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Guerrilla Garden - Coconut Grove
« on: August 19, 2008, 12:13:02 AM »
Hi GGs-
I've found a great site for a GG dig in Coconut Grove. I would like to start digging soon (2 weeks?) if anyone is interested or has plants they'd like to donate, any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Guerrilla Garden - Coconut Grove
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I would definitely be interested so keep us updated!


Re: Guerrilla Garden - Coconut Grove
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2008, 12:04:43 AM »
Awesome ;D
hopefully we have a couple more people by next week so we can start planning it better!

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Granola Mia et al-

I'm taking the liberty of copying and pasting the post from Granola Mia's earlier Fort Lauderdale posting, as it's quite a drive from Fort Lauderdale to Coconut Grove.

Here's Granola Mia's original site posting:

"Hi GGers,
I have a site  - coconut grove (west grove area) they're in urgent need for people like us!! the site is located on Frow Avenue right at the intersection with Margaret street. (google 3300 Frow Ave and you'll see a gated area with some beautiful trees.) Right now there is just turf on the ground. From the city zoning map, it looks like this lot used to be the continuation of Margaret street but somehow somewhere it got cut off and became a little pathway for pedestrians and bikes. I have pictures but can't post them up because i misplaced my camera cord that connects to the computer. Google it for now and i'll post the photos soon!

The site is asking for our intervention! Let's get moving!"

And my reply:
"Hi granola mia et al-

The site sounds like a good one-nice job scouting. When you can, please post photos. Here is a link to see an aerial view of the spot on microsoft virtual earth:

Due to the holiday, some people may have limited availability. I know Ariela will only be with us a short while longer.

That said, looks like we have a group of four right now-
granola mia, reli lion, lizardqueene, and moi, girlsaylor.

My offer still stands to supply some plants/cuttings; I have a hand trowel for planting, but no large shovel for site prep. Some cuttings are ready to go, some not ready at this time.  Anybody available before Ariela leaves? Anybody got tools, mulch, plants, or other supplies for a dig?

Post please, GGers!"


Re: Guerrilla Garden - Coconut Grove - game plan!
« Reply #4 on: August 29, 2008, 03:46:12 PM »
Hi Ft Lauderdale/Miami area GGs!

We have a proposed site, everybody look at it please.

I've got some stick cactus started, plus a start of a thornless cactus right now. I took cuttings of some Angel Wing Begonias but they're not rooted yet.

It seems we have some very willing, enthused GGers here. But not all are seasoned gardeners. Not a problem! I'm a granny, lol, but can give you some quickie growing tips if you want, enough to get a dig going. I'm also lining out a rough of what we need to do to do a dig. Hope this is easy to follow and lots of fun!

We need a team captain, formally or informally. I'm doing it for now, just for organizational purposes. But I may not be able to be on the dig, so we need someone else to step forward.

First, we need to know what sun/shade conditions we are talking about. Someone needs to visit the site, determine N_S_E_W. How much sun, morning, afternoon, evening.  Then we need to know what the soil is like, which, in south FL, is most likely sandy. We also need to know if one of us lives close enough to keep things watered, or if we have a willing, sympathetic local resident who will keep plants watered. The watering/no watering aspect will determine what we can plant. (insert volunteer GGer name here)

Once we've determined the soil/water/sun/shade we have to work with, we can decide what type of plants we can use, so as to not waste resources on plants not suited for the site. This needs to be done prior to the day of the dig so plants can be assembled along with soil amendments (more down below) and tools. (Meeting or posting everybody's contributions here?)

That said, if we use succulents, we won't need as much soil amendment (organic matter, bagged garden soil, stuff like that). If we want to grow plants other than succulents, we need to select according to how much sun/shade, and if someone will be able to water the plants. Those things will determine what plants to select for a given site and what mulch, soil amendments, we need. If regular watering is available (insert VOLUNTEER here), we have a wider range of plants we can select from.

Assume plants have been selected. We need to know the size of the area being planted to select plants, mulch and soil amendment amounts, and such. Then assess what we have for free and what needs purchased, or obtain donations. Donations can be plants, mulch, soil amendments. For those, we can sometimes find plants on clearance racks at the big box stores. Or cruise your neighborhood on bulk trash day and see what people trim from their yards and try and start plants at home from those. (Post who's bringing what plants here)

Broken bags of various types of garden soil and mulch can be had cheaply sometimes at the big box stores. So, everybody who goes to WallyWorld, KMart, Home Depot, this is your mission between now and the dig! (post what and how much mulch, soil amendments, etc you have scavenged here)

For the plants we are using, we need to know the mature height and spread (width) in order to place them, putting taller plants in back if along a wall or fence. If no wall or fence, taller plants go in the middle. Once we know the names of the plants we are using, we can get the height, spread, water, and sun/shade requirements on an internet search engine. If purchasing plants, this information may already be on a tag on the plant.

Post what has been obtained already and what needs purchased, and who's bringing what, plants, etc.

Week of the dig, get a date and time for the dig. Assemble what is being brought, including containers of water, tools, and garbage bags for waste. Also, bring some kind of large bucket for cans, metal, paper, and such, that are found when preparing the site, and containers of water for watering the plantings. (Find out what everyone is bringing, and assign and divvy up pre-dig chores, if needs be. Post that here)

Arrange any car pools. Also, make sure someone is contacted in the event you can't come, as we all depend on all items/people being present to proceed with the dig.

Day of dig, load up all materials and plants. Be sure to bring something cool to drink for yourselves. When arriving at the dig first TAKE PHOTOS for the before-dig record. Next, clear the site of all debris. Then decide if anything growing is to be kept and plan around it, moving the particular plants already there, if needed. Rocks found can be used as borders, like if the planting is an obvious cut-through, bicycle path, whatever, to mark that out. Make sure all weed roots are removed when turning over the soil and raking it smooth, prior to planting, to keep weeds from popping right back up when it rains. (more photos)

Assuming that's all done, lay out the plants we plan to put in the ground and get busy planting. Plants brought in pots should be planted at the same depth in the soil that they are growing in the pots, so that the roots are at the same depth in the ground that they were in the pots. Once all is planted, water all plants thoroughly. (more photos)

Not done yet. Mulching materials should be spread over the site, including any walking/bike path, to keep it from just sprouting weeds right back up. This can be organic mulch, bark, etc.

Take photos, load up all the debris collected for recycling what can be recycled. Meet at a local spot for a cool beverage, if desired.

With what I've written out here, anybody can take charge of the dig. That way if I can't be there, it can still go forward.


Re: Guerrilla Garden - Coconut Grove
« Reply #5 on: August 30, 2008, 01:20:02 PM »
awesome! thanks girlsaylor for connecting the posts!! When does Ariela leave? (not sure who ariela is by the way!) Anybody available sunday or monday night? let me know if it's too soon, we can always try the next weekend...

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Granola Mia-
In an email to me, Ariela advised she will be leaving town September 6th, cross-country move.

To all-
Let's all check in here please! Anybody have time to scope out the sun/growing conditions at the proposed site? Post your findings here, please!


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« Reply #7 on: August 31, 2008, 01:07:08 AM »
S FL ggers-

I had a few minutes to look at the aerial view map of the proposed site:

I tend to agree with Granola Mia that it looks like a street that never got paved. The adjoining properties appear to have landscaped up along their own lot-lines with shrubbery. Which is good from our perspective, as it appears nobody has taken over using it as their own.

The aerial view map has a compass on it, and it looks like much of the site is very sunny. We haven't gotten anybody's feedback as yet who lives close enough to take on regular watering. If we decide to move forward on this site, without regular watering, we will do best with drought-tolerant natives, succulents, and such. What I have that we can use is stick cactus starts and thornless cactus start.

For those inclined to read up on what plants to grow in our climate, we are in zone 10. Here is a site for information on plants we can consider:

It seems we have fairly limited resources at this time, at least til some of our GGers hit the box stores and post their bargains. Also, the area is covered in turf right now, other than where it's barren from foot and bicycle traffic.

So, what we appear to have is sunny, dry, *probably* sandy, *possibly* medium to high salt tolerant plants. A look around the actual neighborhood will reveal what is growing well in similar conditions. Anybody have time to go look closer?

Another site for more plant ideas, even tho it's a commercial site, it's got lots of recommended plants:

So, until we know if we have someone to water, we are somewhat limited to plants like natives, palms, grasses, succulents. And the area is large. So, do we want to do it in stages? Or maybe a border along one side, then another dig down the road to do the other side? Lots of sod to remove before we can plant, too..



Re: Guerrilla Garden - Coconut Grove
« Reply #8 on: August 31, 2008, 01:11:39 PM »
Dear GGers-
Sounds like we have a dig coming up really soon so lets get moving!
Eventhough i'm not a seasoned gardener, I can take on the leadership for this dig. If anyone wants to boot me out, let me know :) heheh

anyway, has everyone who's interested read girlsailor's outline? it's very detailed and full of info on the steps to take from now til the dig. Let me summarize/comment on a few of the points that girlsailor made:

1. we need someone to water the plants on a frequent basis: if I could partner up with somebody, i would be more than willing to do it. Question: how often would it need to be watered?

2. we need to start hunting for mulch and plants. Girlsailor gave us some websites we could get ideas from as to what kind of plants to bring.

3. the site has a rectangle shape (roughly 100 feet x 250 feet), the narrow ends of this 'rectangle'  are the south and north sides, with gates on both ends (which are open at all times). The south side gets sun all day long. However, since there are a lot of trees, the site is shady for the most part.

4. I posted a couple of photos of the site.  It's a very nice site, it just needs some color!

5. Should we think about planting some 'edibles' on the site? maybe some low-maintenance veggies?

Girlsailor, i'm going to be in Fort Lauderdale today. Are you available? i could stop by and get some of your plants today...

lets get this going guys!! i like our energy! lets keep the momentum going!

-granola mia

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« Reply #9 on: August 31, 2008, 02:04:05 PM »
Granola Mia-
Thanks for the answers to my questions! You done good, GGer.

I'm available today, if I know when you're coming by. We can assemble some plants, maybe do a few cuttings/divisions, if you're game. Do you have a long-handled shovel? Potting soil? Pots? I have minimal potting soil here, and some, but not alot of pots. Don't mind using what I have here, but replenishing supplies is always helpful.

I don't be wanting to be the single person dictating what to plant, and where. If you want to discuss that, we can do that. Also, bear in mind, a dig doesn't have to happen all one night. As only one example, if we want to leave a path for the regulars to bike, walk through (and it is for their enjoyment, after all), we could do one side on one dig session, then the other on a repeat session. Especially if we only have enough plants for part of the site.

So, I'll send you my phone number via personal message here, if you want to ring me up. I'm sending the same info to Ariela. I know it's a long shot, but three of us together could be an awesome first start.


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« Reply #10 on: September 02, 2008, 05:50:50 PM »
We need a couple more people to get this dig going! Anyone??

Re: Guerrilla Garden - Coconut Grove
« Reply #11 on: December 06, 2008, 11:36:11 PM »
Hi, I see there hasn't been any activity on this thread in awhile, but I live in the Grove in an area without enough sun and open areas to plant and successfully grow vegetables.  I've tried container planting, but without much sun, the plants don't grow.  I planned to attend a city commissioners meeting in January to inquire about developing community garden spaces, and then found this website.  Is this lot actively being gardened? Does anyone know of lots in my area - grove, gables, brickell, downtown, overtown - where i can find space to grow vegetables, help to cultivate and enrich the soil and beautify the neighborhoods? I eat organic and vegan and am so tired of having to spend so much money on feeding myself and my family as well as hurting the environment because of the amount of energy required to transport foods from so far.  Thanks!

Re: Guerrilla Garden - Coconut Grove
« Reply #12 on: July 19, 2009, 02:44:45 PM »
i know this hasnt been posted in for a long time, but id be willing to donate some manual labor to your project. hopefully youre still monitoring this site.

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« Reply #13 on: July 08, 2022, 04:40:13 AM »
  I think coconut grove GG mining starts in 2 weeks then it's late, let's dig earlier, maybe 1 week? sedecordle wordle

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« Reply #14 on: August 16, 2022, 08:05:08 AM »
I think we should do it sooner. Please keep me updated on Quordle and Moviedle. I would love to participate.