Trowels-On-the-Prowl Hit Evanston Street Corner in First Action!

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An emergent guerrilla gardening cell in Evanston, IL (USA, 60202), calling itself Trowels-On-the-Prowl, struck in the dead of dusk on August 12, 2008 at the corner of Hinman Avenue and Kedzie Street, planting 5 fabulous perrennials in front of a drab postal service way-station box. Troops Happy 01, sunnyjimmy 007, LonLonPelletGun 1, and GenkiTango 375 used small trowels and bare hands to dig a hole just barely big enough for the plants. During the excavation, they collected small stones which they recycled to great effect as a pretty little border around the plot. Photos of the action can be viewed on Flickr at
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