North Philadelphia

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North Philadelphia
« on: June 30, 2008, 12:40:51 PM »
Hello All. I'm glad to see that theres already people making attempts at this in my hometown. My heart goes out to anyone who has a successful guerrilla garden growing in philly already. I'd also like to know where it is so I can see it's beauty.
So to the point, which is that I think the part of this city that is most in need of plantlife and general revival of green life is North Philly. Please walk through north philly one day and look for vacant lots, huge pieces of open space, desolate lots with nothing growing except questionable looking grass and a shit-ton of philly litter. These lots are mostly fairly well sized and IMO ideal, maybe even prime, locations for guerrilla gardening. I also think that the less snobby, less yuppy, less "wealthy" people of north would be less upset by us going in and gardening, especially if we grew plants that they could eat.
I'm hoping that there are some others on here who are in for the guerrilla gardening effort in north philly. I think that place needs it the most and also has the most open space to offer. If anyone else is down to attempt this one please let me know and we can start staking out a few spots. I already know of at least 2-3 just below temple campus.
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