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« on: November 16, 2010, 10:39:21 PM »
Hey, Clevelanders...

I think it would be cool if we had a spot to post any GGing we do in the Cleveland area. Is there a spot you regularly tend to? A place you just happened upon? Victories, losses? Any adventures big or small, do share.

As for me, over the summer I went on my first GG mission. There are flower... receptacles? I don't know, they look like garbage cans but they are apparently for flowers. Previously they were just sandy soil and cigarette butts, maybe a weed or two. I took it upon myself to plant some purple coneflowers and balloon flowers there. These plants are native to Ohio, perennials, and I got them for free out of our flowerbed at home which they were taking by storm. When first transplanted, they didn't seem like they'd make it, you know, with the really hot summer. But I watered them a lot and they finally took. I'm looking forward to seeing them fill the flower thingies next year as well!
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