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« on: July 16, 2008, 09:59:43 PM »
Hi, I am Kevin Janeway. I recently moved to downtown Ventura, from Simi Valley. I'm sure that many area's need some green thumb love, in this town. I live on Thompson Blvd, and trust me, there are parts that look really pathetic, and considering that our local government is way over budget, without guerrilla gardening I'm sure the ugly is just going to get worse. I need your help! I am also thinking the homeless population could help with this process and it may help build their self esteem. I've been encouraged by the results in other cities, and I am confident, that we can restore some much needed dignity, to these long neglected areas.

Please do not hesitate to connect with me. Perhaps, some in the Santa Barbara chapter want to lend a hand to kick off with momentum a group in Ventura.


Kevin Brian Janeway

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Potential guerilla garden site in Ventura, but have the weeds been killed with used motor oil? How hard is that ground anyway? Must sneak out at night with pick axe to find out! There's another site on the next block, both near businesses where we know the owners & might be able to get water from.

I have about 20 succulents & read that it's best to plant in the Fall, so have some time to save up more. This is about 6'x30' so I think it needs at least 45 plants.