Franklin Village

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Franklin Village
« on: June 14, 2008, 05:40:32 PM »
Have started taking over the property in my apartment building & feel the need to the idea of guerillagardening & want to learn about making proper seed bombs for southern california.  Any suggestions...I am enlisting my neighbors & any others that are interested or have ideas of areas in Franklin Ave/Beachwood areas...there are a few I have in mind as well.  I'm huge into succulents & have a lot of my own to start with...I've found that spider plants (which I also have numerous amounts of) can be good ground cover as well but would love feedback on that...hit me up if you are interested!!!.... clubbgreenhaus

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Check out the Los Angeles board.

Mr. Stamen

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Hey clubbgreenhaus!
I have a huge succulent collection also. I would love to work out a trade or something.
Check out the Los Angeles section and the troop digs area of the GG site.
I'm about three or four post down.
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