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Melbourne / Re: Guerilla Gardening in Melbourne
« Last post by Richard _001 on February 19, 2020, 12:25:36 PM »
I expect there's lots going on but people can be very discrete, and don't always reach out on the forum. I had a lovely visit to Melbourne a few years ago and saw some great informal street planting.
Melbourne / Re: Guerilla Gardening in Melbourne
« Last post by MontcoTree on February 14, 2020, 12:03:34 AM »
I love seeing new people introduced to this movement. Granted, this is a very old post that no one has responded to!  We should really get this forum going again. Where I live, there is still a small movement of people that partake. I run a tree felling business, and I always talk to customers about gardening because they're somewhat related. If someone is interested in taking care of Tree Removal Lancaster PA, they probably appreciate gardening.

Exeter / Re: New on here, anyone alive in Exeter?
« Last post by Appleseed on February 11, 2020, 08:19:10 PM »
Hi, I'm near Cullompton but willing to travel!  We used to have a reasonably active group in  Leicester,  but I haven't been able to GG since we relocated back to Devon. Have you had any luck getting anything started?

Hello! No I haven't started anything yet, although I have been getting gardening tools and bits and bobs together. Waiting until spring really but got my eyes on a few spots around me in Exeter.
Danny is my work colleague, we've been recently talking about Guerrilla gardening at work without realising we're both on here haha!
This is quite an old post! I love finding old posts like these, as the information is always valuable when it comes to trees and gardening.  I am in the tree care business myself. Thanks

Steve from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

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Totnes / Re: Castle St
« Last post by Richard _001 on February 09, 2020, 06:12:21 PM »
Guerrilla gardening (and legit gardening) going well in Castle Street and beyond. The focus since we moved here has been on the beds at the entrance to the Norman Castle (legit), but I've spilled beyond into tubs on the street, a gravelly scrap of land at the side of North Street Car Park (guerrilla), the big old bed at the junction with Station Road (inadvertently guerrilla given the ownership) and more recently the old semi circle bed below the Coronation Memorial (guerrilla). Anything to do with Castle Street is gradually being labelled with a #LoveCastleStreet sign. And I continue to Tweet progress @Richard_001. Lots of help from others, plant donations and some tending. The Totnes Gardens group led by Diana are a great support.
You're right it should take place again in 2020.
The spirit, initiated by the founders of the event in Brussels is to make a plan for your local area, whether local or individual, and share what you're up to by whatever means you like. This is what I described the event as when I last posted an event in 2017... having done my own solo thing the last two years rather than lead a wider encouragement. But will do something for 2020. invites to an annual event of optimistic seed sowing.

People around the northern hemisphere (and sometimes a bit beyond) have been sowing sunflower seeds on or around the 1 May for 11 years now. Let's get out beyond our gardens and plant sunflower seeds in the hope that they will bring beauty and health to our neighbourhoods. 5 mins of sowing, or 5 hours, it's up to you.

Sowing sunflowers is simple. In open ground, ideally not too compacted (loosen with a small hand tool first), plant a single seed about 2cm deep and cover with soil. Water if necessary, but in northern European climates usually the planting is all that's necessary. Suitable locations include the tree pit around a not too shady street tree, an infrequently tended municipal flower bed, pavement verge or nature strip. They have all proved successful over the years.
This post is old as dirt! (no pun intended). Are we going to be putting on another event like this in 2020? I'd love to attend!

Castle Rock Landscaping
Rest of World / Re: G'day from Australia
« Last post by CRLandscaping on February 08, 2020, 07:19:05 PM »
Greetings from Colorado!

Castle Rock Landscaping
Rest of World / G'day from Australia
« Last post by rookierappaz on February 08, 2020, 05:38:30 AM »
Just dropping in to introduce myself and familiarise with others from the forum. Hows everyone going this fine evening ? (saturday night here in australia)
Exeter / Re: New on here, anyone alive in Exeter?
« Last post by dannyindevon on February 05, 2020, 04:55:29 PM »
Not had a lot of time today but there lots of tree pits in the city centre that could do with tarting up. Going to need to whip up a map. Exeter generally looks pretty well maintained tbh. Not found any fruit trees yet.
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