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Title: A guerilla garden in Malmo
Post by: cannonsblazing on April 06, 2011, 05:08:09 PM
Click pics to make them larger!

This site is in Malmo, Sweden, but I decided to post here since I think more of you will have a look if I do!  ;)

The site is the abandoned/leftover garden of a castle-like residence that was demolished in the 70's. Hence the fence! Lots of nice trees: Horse chestnut, birch, beech, oak, maple... and that multi-stemmed one in the middle is a Turkish hazel.

bob hamok told me about it, and we decided to make it our first gg site working together. We picked a corner of the site (gotta start somewhere!) that's close to a streetlight. Lots of pedestrians and cars stopping close enough to see the flowers. Several commuter's bus lines pass by here too. The emblem on the wall across the street is the Sw police, for those of you wondering  :o
Title: Re: A guerilla garden in Malmo
Post by: cannonsblazing on April 06, 2011, 05:23:22 PM
We put in over 50 tulip buls, some pansies and grape hyacinths. A couple of dog owners (and bulb eating dogs...) welcomed us to "their" garden!

A few days later, we went shopping for some more plants, and added some gorgeous dark pink Bellis (a personal favourite) and some forget-me-nots. Also, we scattered some seeds, lupins and Verbascum.

It's been raining every day since, no need to water!  ;D

Oh yeah, the police... while we were digging and chatting with the dog owners, I noticed a police van stopping at the red light behind bob hamok. Keep digging! Don't make eye contact! Green light, and they drove off. Phew.  ::)
Title: Re: A guerilla garden in Malmo
Post by: cannonsblazing on May 04, 2011, 02:01:11 PM
Update: The pansies planted last time look terriffic! We've no idea how that happened, since there's been a mild lack of care... some flowers were missing (eaten?), both from the pansies and tulips which had also come out (not all 50, we'll see what happans next year).

My boss kindly donated 24 more pansies (they would have been thrown away otherwise, we had too many at work) to our garden!

I forgot my camera, these pics were taken by bob hamok.

We put some in the same corner as last time, but most were planted by the fence where they can be seen by the bus commuters when the buses wait for green light.

Oh, and this "little" fella was found in the bag I brought the pansies over in... No idea what he'll turn into! We released him away from the flowers, just to be sure...
Title: A guerilla garden in Malmo
Post by: tampopo on September 09, 2012, 06:31:09 PM
Very good, very good. So good I had to pay it a visit. Took a bit of finding, I can tell you!!! with no hints or elaborations!!*

Anyway, any  chance of summer  bedding plants in the future. Hmm, just thinking, maybe it's a bit shaded....


Big contrast with full  sun in the background...

BUT!  That gives an opportunity too!

Outside Police HQ, sure, why not? What are they going to do, issue an extradition warrant!?!??


Right on the corner...

* It wasn't hard at all. I can't let that go!! And here's how. Spoiler alert!
Well, Malmo is full of gardens and parks. Pildamsparken is my favourite, I have to say, but then, I'm partial to a bit of hedging, so I am. Anyway, I realised it would be a kind of needle in the haystack effort, so I went to the stadbiblioteket. I got on their public access internet computers and opened this thread up. I asked the girl on pc beside me, pointing to my map, and asked "do you know where this park is, by the way?" and about 15 mins later I'd seedbombed the Police HQ's window box. Simple, really! :)

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Title: A guerilla garden in Malmo
Post by: tampopo on September 25, 2012, 02:32:23 PM
Right, you will have guessed, I was at a cycling conference in Copenhagen and decided to look at Malmo's cycling infrastructure, while I was in the neighbourhood.  As you do. ahem.

And this piece caught my attention, a cycle track underpass below a 2 x 2 lane busy road, Foreningsgatan.


As you can see, the cycle track is a different colour and different texture to the pedestrianised areas either side.

But, something else caught my attention, these big green things, that look like evergreen plants, with red berries.

AND, what turns out to be window boxes, all along the footpath.
Well, I couldn't resist, could I?  Two seed bombs went in...pronto!

It also gives you a good view of the surface differences below...