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Title: Campaign Launch Guerilla Stunt
Post by: sarahwatto on August 06, 2010, 11:04:20 AM
Hi Folks, I work as a climate change campaigner for Oxfam and am managing a new project we're launching in September called 'Sow the Seed'. The project aims to highlight the fact that climate change is destroying crops and wiping out food supplies for some of the world's already most vulnerable people. We will be using the concept to persuade global leaders to act now on climate change and provide money to help communities adapt - to protect food supplies and save lives. 12 countries around the world will be participating and we have a variety of ways for them to get involved. I'm really keen to do some kind of guerilla gardening launch stunt and what I'd love to hear from you is if you have any ideas to make this really great! Any ideas greatly appreciated! Sarah