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Title: Movable Guerrilla Garden
Post by: coteart on May 31, 2009, 03:54:05 AM
I am wondering if there may be advantages to doing Guerrilla Gardening in containers? As it appears to me, having a "Movable Garden" would be tactically superior. It could be large enough so that it would not be easily removed.

Other than the additional expense of a container, the cost would be the same as for any guerrilla gardening project.   It could be assembled beforehand and then dropped off at the site when finished.

A sign could be put on it with a contact number so that if the property owner or someone else has a problem with the improvements, he/she could contact the Guerrilla Gardeners so they could remove the container full of plants (and, if the owner insists, install new rubbish to replace any removed by the group! ;D)

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