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Title: Springfield, Missouri
Post by: Kryistina on August 08, 2006, 02:50:10 PM
I guess I'm the first US GG to post here. *chuckle* I've been GG since early this spring after I found this site. I planted tomatoes, short wildflowers, marigolds, and something else (clearance rack at garden store) in some local neglected business planters in Springfield, MO. The plants are doing well, and are beginning to fruit, even with the dryness and heat going around. It is a bit more spotty than I had hoped for this time of year (people kept walking on the planted area), but it's a good go for a first GG. *grin* We fertilize naturally, water it with pond water, and rain catchment by dragging gallon jugs over to the space by hand. After we started watering it regularly, other plants sprouted up that must've been seeded years ago, but never had enough water to germinate! *laugh* Total cost so far; about $12. I would have pictures, but my digital camera died recently and is in the shop for repairs. Next year it will be even better, but for now, I have an heirloom tomato to check on.
Title: Re: Springfield, Missouri
Post by: Jared on August 08, 2006, 03:24:45 PM
That's terrific!

I know there's a handful of GG fans in Kansas City (that's where I'm from - now in London). Including my mother, who obsessively follows every appearance on the BBC's internet radio. Alas, can't convince her to get out and tidy up downtown KC... (it needs it)

Proud to be a Missourian.

Title: Re: Springfield, Missouri
Post by: Richard _001 on August 25, 2006, 11:49:11 AM
Hi Kryistina (1170).
Good stuff, a photo would be cool, but also a street address.  I've put it on the map, but just plonked it in the centre of Springfield for now.  All the best