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Title: Help wanted for my final project
Post by: Kerstin on October 12, 2008, 12:09:55 PM

my final project for my degree in communication design will be about ?guerrilla gardening?.
So I need the help of some experts.
Please fill in my interview and send it to .
The questions concerning your motives/goals and communication are of particular importance for me.
Thanks for your help!


First name:
Birthplace (City / suburb / countryside):
Family status:
Educational attainment:

Are you available for further questions?

1 How would you define ?guerrilla gardening??
2 Can you remember your first contact with ?guerrilla gardening?? How did it come, that you finally became a ?guerrilla gardener??

1 What are your motives for ?guerrilla gardening??
2 What goals do you have in mind? Did (some of them) become real?
3 Are political or ideological motives important for you? Which ones?
4 What do you think can be changed through ?guerrilla gardening??
5 Do you think it can have an impact on our ecosystem?

1 Do you have your own guidelines, procedures, restrictions? (e.g. how to get plants, chosing plants, transportation, care) Which ones?
2 What does your equipment look like?
3 Do you dig alone, in a constant group or in a spontanious get-together?
4 How do you find your partners? Which kind of media do you use?
5 Do you prefer ornamental or agricultural plants? Why?
6 Which problems do you have to deal with? Did you have any legal conflicts?
7 Do you prefer digging at night or during daytime? Why?

1 Do you habe a certain message you want to spread? Which one?
2 How do you spread it?
3 Which role do location, point of time and style of your plantation play?
4 Do you use communication media to spread and explain your message? (signs, flyers ...)
5 Would it be helpful, if there would be an internet page, where you could download communication and information tools for your use? (signs, manuals, explanatory texts ...)
6 How important is it to you, that the public gets your message?
7 What kind of feedback do you get from the public?
8 Do you think one could use ?guerrilla gardening? to teach people something? What could that be?